Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NW 45 vs. NC 50

About four years ago I started to wear MAC. I went to the stand and told the MUA that I wanted a foundation, concealer and a powder, but I didn't know what color to get. She ended up matching me to NW 45, I didn't know anything I figure she was the expert so I trusted her opinion. I didn't know the different NW and NC. I assumed NW was warm and NC was cool.

I was somewhat pleased at first but sometimes I would notice that my skin would look really orange or my face would look way more red the my neck and chest. So I decide to try another brand, so I tried MUFE and a few other brands, because I thought i was NW 45, I would use that as a base to pick out colors which were also very red. Unsatisfied I returned to MAC Studi Fix Fluid the only problem I had with the foundation was the color.

Then I seen a couple of youtube videos with lovely ladies who were using NC 50 their skin tone looked very similar to mines and I began to toy with the idea that maybe I was an NC 50. Also around that time i found out MAC coloring was some what backwards NW are the red/pink undertones and NC are the golden/yellow undertones. It was all making sense to me now. I went to a different MAC stand and got matched again. The MUA said to me "What color do you normally wear" when I told her an NW 45 she sort of made a face and replied "You sure you look like an NC 50" I told her I wasn't so she applied both to my face and the difference was subtle, but there. That was about a year ago and I been rocking NC 50 every since. However there still is some red tones in my face (the rest of my body is very yellow) so to balance it out I use Studio fix powder in NW 43.
Even a few months ago when the new pro longwear came out has to "convince" the MUA to sample NC 50 on me. After trying her suggestion, NW 45 and my NC 50 she had to admit "Yea the NC 50 is much better on you"


as you can see the difference of Nw 45 and Nc 50 are very slight but as the day goes on Nw 45 does mix with the oils and get redder. What happens when you mix red and yellow?? You get orange.


me with no makeup as you can see the center is yellow and the outer is more red, my neck and chest are yellow. therefore to get a more uniformed look I go with a yellow based foundation now.


this is what they look like in the bottles


on my hand


blended out slightly (as you can see the NC 50 sort of disappears in to my skin)


Ash said...

I do use and am satisfied with MAC. However, I don't wear a lot of makeup (just lipstick) because I don't like the way the foundation feels on my skin.

Phylicia said...

I was matched with NC50 too. When i went to try a new fdn, she recommended Pro Longwear so I tried it and she gave me NW50 b she said it was some mishap with NC50 and NW50. Did u get that when u were to try PLW? But great blog btw!

K. Ashanti said...

@phylicia i think the mac MUA need to take a class on matching women of color! i heard soo many horror stories! i think some think if you have darker skin you automatically have red undertones

K. Ashanti said...

@ash yeah it does take some getting use to

ms_jc_2005 said...

Love the post. Those mac makeup artist assume u are a nw 45 because that is a common shade. When i bought the studio finish concealer, I was matched to a nw 45. As i started to use it i noticed the subtle redness to it which made it a little difficult to blend. then i purchased the mac pro long wear concealer and the mac girl knew i was a nc 50 right away and that looks way better. I agree those mac mua need to get it together.

Meg said...

Ugh, I have just realized a few hours ago that I am going through the same thing you did. I always noticed reddish hues but overrode my better judgment, trusting the MUA instead. I am going to MAC tomorrow. I'm a tad nervous....I don;t want to appear like one of those dark-skinned girls in denial about their skin color.

andrea johnson said...

i am going through the same.I wore NW 50 in mineralize satin finish ( loved it)for years however it was discontinued so I went in to be rematched. I was then given Nw 45 in studio fix which looked sort of red after time. I couldnt figure out why so i went back two days ago and they told me that I was a nc50 it looked fine while i was there but when I looked closely l looked ashy. idk what to do but i am returning tomorrow to try again :(

PantherB said...

My mac makeup artist told me that my first artist was wrong as well. My foundation should be NC because my body is very yellow, but my powder should be NW to balance. I am also a NW45/NC50.

Barbie Chiu said...

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