Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Prouducts I love

I am the first to admit that I am a little high maintaince!!!! I don't walk out of my house unless I'm looking exactly how I want to look. Hair on point clothes right and make up flawless. How ever that doesn't mean I'm speneding tons of money every month to look great most of the things i love can be found at your local Target, Wal-mart, or BSS (beauty supply store).

I love love love Neutrogena Oil-frre Acne wash and Oil eliminating astringent!!! My skin is cray oily and these two products kept it in check and the break outs away. I also love my St Ives Apicot scrub, its a staple. Ambi has an good sunscreen with spf 30. And my all time old school fave is Queen Helene Mint mask its is the ish!!!!! It can be use as an all over mask or a spot treatment. Its cheap and can be found anywhere from Wal-mart to drug stores to the BSS.

As far as make-up go Covergirl queen collecction is good, one of the only drug store brands for us!!! But I ain't gonna lie to you ladies I use MAC studio fix fluid which is 26 dollars, i know that a lot on the pricey side but it works I swear by it!!!! Along with the MAC Select cover (15.50) and the Blot powder (20, I think) my face is flawless. I spend money on my foundation but everything eles is drug store brands ( that how i justify it lol) . L'Oreal HIP and Milani are the bomb!!!! There eyeshadow are comparable to MAC in my opinion. NYX also has great eye shadows as well as lipglosses. Maybelline and Covergirl are it when it comes to mascaras (CG Lash blast the best out there and MB Great Lash is an old-school fav). But my best make up find is Monistat Chaffing gel!!!! I know you guys are like what?????? But it is the bomb primer!!!! If you are using Smash box this is just as good ( has the same major ingredients).

Last but not least are the hair products. I love Sally's beauty supply, the carry generics of Nexxus, Paul Mitchell, and such for less then a thrid of the cost for more then twice the product. They even have a flat iron which is comparable to CHI for 60 bucks. I also love Elast QP, their Anit-breakage serum is comparable to Nexxus Emegrence. You can find Elasta Qp most at the BSS and select products at Sally's. Oh and let's not forget the Patene Relaxed and Natural line, I got 2 conditioner & a shampoo for 12 dollars at Target , they are always on sale!!!

And those are the products I use on a daily basis! Every product i mentioned ( esp the SFF & Saly flat iron) are under 25 bucks! Most are under 15! So find what works for you! And save where ya can!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Skin 101: what's yout type

Okay Ladies now that we got the hair looking fly its now time for the face/skin. The key to taking care of your on skin is prevention and consistency. By taking care of you skin properly now (i.e washing, using the correct type products, sunscreen) you will save a ton of money!! Prevenation is better the cure. Before I can suggest any products for you we will need to adress your skin type so we can properly address your skin needs.

Skin mostly fall under oily, dry, combination, sensitive & normal. A lot of people have a mixture of skin type or type may adjust throughout the year, so I suggest you asses your skin twice a year ( in winter and summer)

Here's the breakdown:

Oily: skin appear "oily" even after washing, has frequent breakouts, foundation wears off after a few hours, large pores

Oily skin should look for products with the words: Foaming, gel ,oil free, mattifying, water-based or oil controlling.

Dry: feels tight, flakey, itchy after washing, rough patches rarely breaks out, "dull" complexion

Dry skin should look for products with the words like moisturizing, cream, non alcohol, refresher.

combination: oily in t-zone (forehead, nose & chin) but dry on cheeks

Combination skin should look for words like skin-balancing.

Sensitive: easily, irritate, red blotchy, allergic reactions to products, sunburn easily

Sensitive skin should look for words like fragrance free hypoallergenic

Normal: few break outs can use almost anything on the skin with no irritation, even tone

Normal should look for any thing that works for them,LOL.

Now that the basic characteristics out the way there's some things that every skin type can do to improve there skin. Number one is the easy and cheap thing to do, drink plenty of, if you think water is too bland there's those 5 calorie flavor packets now so no excuses!!!!! Number two baby your skin, never sleep in make and remember to cleanse ( removes impurities) tone ( restores pH) and moisturizer ( to lock in moisture even if you are oily) every day twice a day. Add a weekly regime like a facial or at home peel to deep cleanse your skin and remove top dead layers of skin. And last but not least wear sunscreen everyday!!!!!!!! Even us sistas can get skin cancer!!!! Ambi has a nice one that has 30spf and can double as your moisturizer. If you follw these simple tips I'm sure you can whip your skin in to shape in no time!!!!!!