Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i'm back with a neutral look!

Hey ladies, i been missing in action but I'm back with a nice little neutral look!


Revlon beyond natural primer
Boots No 7 mattifing primer
MAC SFF in Nw 45
MAC select cover in NW 45
MAC Raizin blush

Ulta eye primer
Relvon beyond natural concealer
Coastal scents 28 neutral palette
NYX liquid liner in black
Milani easy brow pencil in dark brown
Milani brow fix kit in 02
Mayybelline great lash in very black

random clear gloss

Monday, November 9, 2009


its been a minute since i post, soo busy with the kids, but add me on twitter dahoodmodel(one word)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

FOTD: Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation and Mineral Finishing powder

I must say that trevlon is becoming one of my favorite line, the color stay foundation has inspired me to try more of their products, so i picked up the colorstay mineral finishing powder in Sunkiss. I used it instead of MAC MSFN in deep dark, i must say it was beautiful. Unlike MSFN, this did not oxidize and stay in place like the foundation, however it did not control shine (nor does MSFN). Overall i like this powder thumbs up!!!



Revlon mineral finishing powder in Sunkiss, 13.99

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Revlon Colorstay review!!!!!


So, i got this foundation a few weeks and I must say I love it. I had given up on DS ( drugstore) foundations but with all the buzz about this on YT and make-up boards I had to give it a try!!! I got his foundation in the oily/combo formula ( there's also a dry/normal formula) in shade 410 Cappuccino. Its 30 ml/ 1 Fl oz of product and run between 10-13 bucks ( half the price of studio fix fluid ) I found this shade to have "peachy undertones" vs the red undertones in NW 45, in spite of this i found it to be a very good match. Its oil-free and transfer resistant and seems to run true of it "all-day" staying power. Coverage-wise it is a build able medium to full coverage, yet a thinner consistency. The smell is kind of weird and do to the lack of a pump the packaging is mess and awkward, yet this things can be over looked. Overall, this is a great foundation!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

MAC/drugstore haul

Hey the few items i have gotten over the pass month, dang this recession!!!!


(from top left to right Revlon colorstay in cappuccino, MAC touch l/s, prepe and prep transparent finishing powder, MAC sweet as cocoa blush, Loreal hip duo in flamboyant, Revlon colorstay mineral finishin powder in sunkiss)


this duo can be use as a dupe for the eyeshadows bright future and vibrant grape from the Style Warrior Collection!!!! only 7.99 vs 14.50 each from MAC


can be use as dupe for the Mineralized skin finshes by MAC which are priced as 25-28 each, Revlon's is only 13.99!!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Revlon colorstay(oily/como formula)

I know i've been missing on action lately but i've been busy!!!! In my every search quest to save money i picked Revlon colorstay foundation combo/oily skin formula. Now i remember trying this foundation years a go with terrible result, but with all the rave review i been hearing on youtube i had to get it a try!!!! So i picked it up and with be wearing for a few weeks before i give my offical review but so far i am please with keep yall posted!!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kim K. smokey day look

I love how Kim Kashdashian does a "day time" smokey eye i decide to try to it!!!! Here it is!!!




What I Use:

Sephora perfection Make-up base
MAC studio fix fluid in NW 45
MAC select cover in NW 45
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish natural In deep dark
MAc blot powder loose in deep dark over t-zone only
MAC mineralized blush in lovejoy

Milani Easybrow in dark brown
milani brow fix kit in 02
body shop concealer pencil in 06
loreal decrease primer
CS neutral palette
loreal duo in bronze star
loreal hip cream liner in black
coverlas blast in very black

lips MAC Hk she loves candy

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

overhaul!!!! all my make up to date

My collection has out grew my 5 year old traincase so it was time to upgrade, when to my local discount store and picked this up:


i think it was about 15 bucks!!!!


in the top small drawer are my foundation, concealer, primers and etc.


in the second drawer is my powders, blushes and lip products


the last drawer is my eye things such as liners, shadows and such!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

FOTD: from start to finsh


how i wake-up!!!!! i washed, toned and mositurized my face


i do my eyes first, Used: CS neutral palette, milani brow kit, milani easybrow pencil, body shop concealer pencil, maybelline great last, Loreal hip cream liner


i primed my face with monistat chaffing gel and boots no 7 mattifying primer, then foudation(studio sculptin NW 45 mixed with equal parts moisturizer)applied with MAC 187 brush followed by concealer-Select cover in Nw 45, set with MSF in deep dark


blush added~~~ MAC mineralized blush in lovejoy with MAC format blush


and that's it

Saturday, March 14, 2009

another neutral


i don't know why but i just been on this neutral kick lately

Boot No 7 primer mixed with monistat chaffing gel
MAC studio scuplt in NW 45
MAC select cover in NW 45
MAC MSF natural in dark deep
MAC format blush
MAC raizin blush

loreal decrease eye primer
CS neutral palette
CS 26 eyeshadow and blush palette
maybelline great lash
loreal HIP cream liner in black

clear gloss
Loreal HIP in spendid

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

changed the name

Hello divas!!!!! I changed the name o my blog to Hood Model~Urban Chic because while my focus is still on "great beauty finds" i will ( have been) lately experimenting with all type of beauty finds nowadays. If it work I'll let ya know and if it doesn't I will kept it hood with ya, no matter if it cost 5 bucks or 50!!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

another FOTD using Too Dolly

Well, i'm loving this Too Dolly palette i'm so glad i got it here's another look i did using it i got this look from eyeXluvXmakeup from youtube!!!!



Here what i used:

Boots No7 primer mixed with monistat chaffing gel
Studio Sculpt foundation in NW45
Select cover up in NW 45
MSF in deep dark
Blot powder loose in deep dark
Beauty powder blush in Tippy ( hello kitty)

LOreal decrease primer
Too dolly palette as follows yogurt in tear duct and hightlight, mid lid too dolly outer corner stately black, crease romping
Rimmel eye liner pencil in black
Loreal hip cream liner in midnight blue
Covergirl great lash in black
Milani brow kit in 02
Milani easy brow in dark brown

Sunday, March 8, 2009

lavender whip!!!!!!

Why oh why didn't i get lavender whip ( Cream Sheen, 02/09) now its sold out everywhere!!!!!! The MA tried to show it to me when i went and got the studio sculpt but i took one look at it and brushed it off!!!! But now everyone has been rocking it looking fab!!!! Oh well!!!!!! I hope MAC will release it again.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Look, neutral look


Boots No7 primer, mixed with monistat chaffing gel and Sephora professional perfet make-up base
MAC studio fix fluid in NW 45
Mac select cover up in NW45
MAC mineralized skin finish in dark deep
MAC blot powder loose in dark deep

Loreal decrease primer
CS neutral palette
Loreal hip cream liner in eggplant
maybelline great lash in very black

Mac lipglass in She love candy
clear gloss

CCO~~~ Comestics Company Outlet haul


Ok i went to my local CCO in Franklin Mills Mall In Phila., PA yesterday. For those of you how don't CCO is a place to get discounted REAL MAC items!!!!So i picked up a couple of items

Hightlight Powder In Mellow Rave
Take wings quad feat. Restless, Take wings, tickles and bravado
Richmetal Hightlighter i Rose Bullion
eyeshadows Passionate and Velvet moss

I can not wait to try these items out!!!!! So if you live in the philly area go and check it out!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

check my youtube out

Thursday, February 26, 2009

look of today (WOW mostly MAC!!!!!)


Boots No.7 primer w/monistat chaffing gel
MAC studio sculpt in NW 45
MAC select cover in NW 45
MAC MSF in dark deep
MAC blot powder loose in dark deep

Loreal decrease
inner lid -romping (HK Too dolly palette)
outer lid Knight (BBR)
crease-loreal bronze star duo dark side only
highlight- yogurt (HK Too dolly palette)
milani easy brow in dark brown
milani brow fix in #02
Loreal hip cream liner in black
maybelline great lash in very black

lip balm
MAC Fasst friend lipglass (HK collection)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

teal and green



Boots No7 primer mixed with monisat chaffing gel
MAC studio sculpt foundation in NW 45
MAC select cover up in NW 45
MAC blot podwer loose in deep dark
MAC blush in Raizin

L'oreal decrease eye primer
L'oreal HIP duo in Flashy
L'oreal HIP cream liner in teal
NYC pencil liner in teal
Maybelline great lash in very black

Monday, February 23, 2009

my tiny hello kitty haul!!!!


hey!!!!!! I just wanted to share what I got from the Hello Kitty Collection, it is too much!!!! I wasn't even going to get anything from this collection but I changed my mind so here it is

Hello Kitty:
Too Dolly (feat. Yogurt, Romping, Too Dolly & Stately Black)
Lipglasses :She Loves Candy, Nice Kitty, Sweet, Strawberry, and Fast Friends
Beauty powder blush in Tippy

That is it my dears!!!! Not much, right??? I many got back and get the other eyeshadow palette but the jury still out on that one.

Monday, February 16, 2009

FOTD: 2/16/09



this is my look for today


Boots no7 primer/monistat chaffing gel mix
MAC studio sculpt foundation and concealer in NW 45
MAC blot powder loose in dark deep
MAC mineralized blush in love joy
MAC powder blush in format

Loreal decrease eyeshadow primer
CS neutral palette
NYX e/s champagne
LOreal HIP cream liner in black
NYX eyeliner pencil in black
covergirl lash blast

Loreal hip lipcolor in pretentious
MAC clear gloss

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Two looks using coastal scents palettes

neutral pallete


this is a very nice look for work I use a light brown on the lid and a dark matte bron in the crease and a pale gold on the brow bone


this look is also very wearable i use several purple out of the 26 shadow and blush combo pallette

In both pics i'm wear the studio sculpt foundation and concealer in NW 45 as well as blot powder

look 2/14/09


here a sexy little look I did last night for the club

Products used

Boots No7 primer mixed with monistat chaffing gel ( this is amazing!!!!more info coming soon)
MAC studio sculpt foundation and concealer in NW 45
MAC blot powder in dark deep
MAC mineralize blush in lovejoy

Loreal decrease eyeshadow primer (review coming soon)
Loreal HIP duo in platinum
KISS lashes in Diva X ( my first time wearing lashes!!!!)
HIP cream liner in black
Covergirl lash blast in very black

NYX lipgloss in french kiss
MAC clear gloss

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Haul time!!!!!! Target, MAC, and NYX


Boots No & Mattifying Primer
L'oreal decrease eyeshadow primer
Maybelline Great lash
Sally Hansen insta-dry polisjh in Pronto & Mauve it
Sally Hansen Maximum growth plus base & top coat

Es24-Herb( this is very similar MAC's henna from BBR collection)
Eyeliner in Charcoal & black

Studio sculpt foundation & concealer in NW 45
Powder blush in Format and Peachtwist
Mineralized Blush in Gleeful & love joy
Eyeshadow in Expensive Pind and Swimming

not pictured Sheer select pressed in NW 50 and Blot powder pressed in Dark deep

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Short Hair On a budget: Part 1

Short hair hasn't been this popular since Salt n Pepa's daring asymmetrical honey dyed cut and Toni Braxton's sassy short coif, but with fabulous divas like Malinda Williams, Kelis, Keyshia Cole, & Rhianna rocking them these days women are running to their hairdresser. While looking great they leaving the shop, many women get home and find out the do not know how to maintain the look themselves. Leading to the misconception that short hair isn't "versatile enough", "hard maintain" or "cost to much", with is totally not the case I've had my hair short (on &off) for almost nine years, and I totally love it!!!!

The first thing to know about short hair is it a commitment!!!! Women come op to me all the time expressing how badly they want to cut they hair. I always tell them to think long and hard about it!!!!! You can't go back, you got to grow it back!!! If you love the easy of your ponytail or your man loves to run his fingers through you hair or you aren't 100% sure don't get your hair cut, get a wig or weave. Understand that if you don't learn how to do your hair yourself you will end up paying a lot of money to keep it up, trust me!!!! Fortunately,it's easier then you thought to keep up with, if you have the right tools.

Once you have made the decision to go short you need to find a hairstylist that cuts hair, WELL! The best way to do this is just ask someone with short hair who does their hair. Or if you go to a salon with multiple stylist find out which ones cut hair the best. Once you find a stylist bring pictures of what you like and discuss what will work with your face and head shape. Do be afraid to ask questions on how to mimic the look at home. Everything after this is up to you.
To maintain your cut at home you will need the following things: a hood dryer (the hard hat kind), flat iron 1/2 to 1 inches( depending on how short it is) wrapping foam, heat protector, shine spray or serum (oil sheen will weight the hair down), wrapping strips ( cloths or paper ones) a silk or satin scarf and a good pomade ( no more gel it's so old fashion, LOL). You will also need any shampoos, conditioners and treatment you find work well with your hair type.

Wash and condition your hair as you normally do, including any treatments. Just because your hair is short you still want to keep it healthy and prevent breakage, that way of at any time you want to grow you hair out you already have i nice healthy head of hair to grow and you will reach you goal quicker. Next, while the hair is til wet apply your wrapping foam, then using a wide tooth comb, wrap the hair in the desired direction. This part is very important, a good wrap i the basis of every short style!!! How you lie the hair down is how it will dry. You can not get the same effect with a blow dryer, the taper parts will be very "puffy" and won't lay flat and smooth, especially as the hair grows out. Once you have your hard wrapped tightly apply the wrapping strips to the nape of your neck, this will ensure the tapered side dry smoothly and the wrap stays in place.

Next sit under a heat dryer for 45-60 minutes or until hair is completely dry, then sit under a cool dryer for about 10 minutes. Let you hair cool completely before unwrapping. Using the wide tooth comb unwrap the hair and finger style and go or take it to the next level now. Add about a dime amount of heat protector to the hair, then go over small section with your flat iron. Be creative, curl and flip the hair in different directions or smooth out the wrap even more. Then add a little pomade to you had and finger style. For the perfect finsh and long lasting style spray on a little light flexible hold hairspray, finsh off with the shine spray. To maintain at night tie your scarf around the edges leaving the top out, then just finger style again in the morning.

Don't worry if it doesn't come out perfect the first few times, you will get the hang of it. Befor long you will be rocking your new style with confidence and style.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My oily skin routine

I think i have talked briefly about skin types in a early blog, I'm going go a little to bit deeper in to how i take care of my oily skin and what has been keeping my oil production way down.

First things first I start my day off by washing, toning, and moisturizing my skin. For a face wash I'm loving Neutrogena oil free ance wash in pink grapefruit, not oly does it cut down on excess oil with out overly drying my skin, but it smells great (price-about 7 bucks). Next for a toner I use Neutrogena Oil Eliminating Astringent, work great although it can be dry, which can be a problem for oily skin (once our skin feel too dry, it make even more oil, yuck) so it is important to use a good oil free moisturizer, I'm currently pHisoderm daily moisturizer with SPF 15. Sometimes i also apply or mix the The Body Shop green tree oil mattifying gel with this, now my skin is ready for make up application.

To start my make-up off i apply a primer, either my monistat chaffing gel or MAC Matte cream, and let set for at least two minutes, so it can get into my pores. Just but doing this alone my make-up stays longer. I am using MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW 45, i personally like liquid foundation for my oily skin i find after a awhile powder foundation oxidize on the skin and look greasy. I set my foundation with MAC blot powder, it also great for sucking up and oilies during the day.

At night I use a baby wipe to remove move my make-up, then use the same cleasner and toner, followed by Clean & Clear's Night oil-free moisturizer. I love this!!! My skin free totally different it look so refreshed!!!! In additon to my night routine i use Queen Helene Mint Julep mask several night a week for a deep cleasing. I also use St Ives apricot scrub and Biore pore strip in conjuction with the Mint Julep mask weekly for an at home facial. The Mint mask is good for drying up any pimples that my pop up.

Honestly, my skin is look its best right now( minus the hyperpigamentation) and I own it all to my strict facial routine. If you have extremely oily skin this product are worth a try.