Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm slowly becoming a MAC Addict (a rave of Loverush and Raizin)

OK, last week after months of searching for a drug store brand that will give me the color "payoff" I was looking for I decided to go to MAC. I went to my local stand and picked two WOC faves Loverush & Raizin. I took them home and tried them out, and WOOOOW! This is what i have been searching for, a beautiful natural "flush" to my cheeks. Now these blushes, are 18 dollars a piece and come in a variety of colors and finishes. They are are a little pricey, definately a "splurge" item. but totally worth it. I've made a wish list of about 7 or 8 blushes (including one for hightlighting and one for contour) that i will be sloly adding to my collection. No doubt about I'm slowly becoming a MAC addict!!!!! I will keep you updated

Saturday, November 15, 2008

How to do a facial at home

With the holidays coming I know you divas want you skin to look as radiant as possible for all those holiday pics, heres some easy to follow steps for your own facial at home:

Step 1:
Wash your face using your normal daily cleanser

Step 2
Using a scrub gently exfoliate and buff your skin, do this for 1 to 5 minutes

Step 3
Press a warm wash cloth on your face for a few minutes, then gently pat dry

Step 4
Use a store brought mask ( gel or cream mask for dry skin mud or clay mask for oily skin) let set on you skin for 10-20 mintues, rinse clean

Step 5 (optional)

If you have a lot of white or black heads use one of those Biore strips to get rid of them

Step 6
rinse face pat dry and use a nice gentle moisturize (please avoid using anything with acids or retinols in such as anit-aging products right after the facial)

and your done this is a really fun thing to do with your friends!!!! Your could also included these instructions along with every things need for the facial for really nice inexpensive gift for the holidays!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rave: triple threat!!!!!!!!!

My first Rave: My Triple Threat: MAC Studio Fix Fluid, Select Cover, & Blot Powder

Now most of my focus of Diva on a Dime is cheap solutions to beauty & fashion. However sometimes you just have to treat yourself or sometimes there is just no replacing a product. A diva knows how to mix to low & luxe, knowing her limits and living within her means. I said all that this: some products are worth the money some are not. IMO, my triple threat is worth the money.

Studio Fix Fluid is the only foundation that I have re-purchased. It's the liquid version of MAC's Studi Fix Powder, it works best with oily skin ( such as mines) beacause it's oil-free, has a buildable natural matte finish, and comes in various skin colors and tones. SFF ($26) is anywhere 10 to 18 dollars more than most drugstore brands, that does seem like a lot!!! However if you are buying two foundation from the drugstore or buying online and paying shipping and handling it migth be worth it to take a trip to you local MAC stand/store and have an MUA match you.

Now even though SFF coverage is buildable you might need a concealer. I have hperpigamention and need the extra coverage!!!! Thats where Select Cover (15.50) comes in. This is the best concealer IMO and I've brought 40 concealers as well as drug store concealers. It last all day and can be worn alone or over/under foundation. It is truly worth the money!!!!

Last but not least is the Blot Powder($21). If you have oily skin blot powder will be your best friend. Seriously it soak up very drop of oil slick. I love it!!!! It comes in loose or pressed ( note: Loose is now/ will be a Pro item and only available online).

Now the "Triple Threat" looks good on it own, but apply SFF with a brush (esp a stippling brush, more on that later) and oh my goodness flawless!!!! Also using a primer help control oil and allows a smooth finish. And getting the foundation pump ($4) will save you alot of product which in turn will allow you yo use less and save more money.

These three product will run you about $61.50 before taxes at your local MAC stand/store that is alot but these are great products that do last a while!!!!! However you can even mix and match with these if you have DS products that alreay work for you!!!!