Saturday, January 31, 2009

Short Hair On a budget: Part 1

Short hair hasn't been this popular since Salt n Pepa's daring asymmetrical honey dyed cut and Toni Braxton's sassy short coif, but with fabulous divas like Malinda Williams, Kelis, Keyshia Cole, & Rhianna rocking them these days women are running to their hairdresser. While looking great they leaving the shop, many women get home and find out the do not know how to maintain the look themselves. Leading to the misconception that short hair isn't "versatile enough", "hard maintain" or "cost to much", with is totally not the case I've had my hair short (on &off) for almost nine years, and I totally love it!!!!

The first thing to know about short hair is it a commitment!!!! Women come op to me all the time expressing how badly they want to cut they hair. I always tell them to think long and hard about it!!!!! You can't go back, you got to grow it back!!! If you love the easy of your ponytail or your man loves to run his fingers through you hair or you aren't 100% sure don't get your hair cut, get a wig or weave. Understand that if you don't learn how to do your hair yourself you will end up paying a lot of money to keep it up, trust me!!!! Fortunately,it's easier then you thought to keep up with, if you have the right tools.

Once you have made the decision to go short you need to find a hairstylist that cuts hair, WELL! The best way to do this is just ask someone with short hair who does their hair. Or if you go to a salon with multiple stylist find out which ones cut hair the best. Once you find a stylist bring pictures of what you like and discuss what will work with your face and head shape. Do be afraid to ask questions on how to mimic the look at home. Everything after this is up to you.
To maintain your cut at home you will need the following things: a hood dryer (the hard hat kind), flat iron 1/2 to 1 inches( depending on how short it is) wrapping foam, heat protector, shine spray or serum (oil sheen will weight the hair down), wrapping strips ( cloths or paper ones) a silk or satin scarf and a good pomade ( no more gel it's so old fashion, LOL). You will also need any shampoos, conditioners and treatment you find work well with your hair type.

Wash and condition your hair as you normally do, including any treatments. Just because your hair is short you still want to keep it healthy and prevent breakage, that way of at any time you want to grow you hair out you already have i nice healthy head of hair to grow and you will reach you goal quicker. Next, while the hair is til wet apply your wrapping foam, then using a wide tooth comb, wrap the hair in the desired direction. This part is very important, a good wrap i the basis of every short style!!! How you lie the hair down is how it will dry. You can not get the same effect with a blow dryer, the taper parts will be very "puffy" and won't lay flat and smooth, especially as the hair grows out. Once you have your hard wrapped tightly apply the wrapping strips to the nape of your neck, this will ensure the tapered side dry smoothly and the wrap stays in place.

Next sit under a heat dryer for 45-60 minutes or until hair is completely dry, then sit under a cool dryer for about 10 minutes. Let you hair cool completely before unwrapping. Using the wide tooth comb unwrap the hair and finger style and go or take it to the next level now. Add about a dime amount of heat protector to the hair, then go over small section with your flat iron. Be creative, curl and flip the hair in different directions or smooth out the wrap even more. Then add a little pomade to you had and finger style. For the perfect finsh and long lasting style spray on a little light flexible hold hairspray, finsh off with the shine spray. To maintain at night tie your scarf around the edges leaving the top out, then just finger style again in the morning.

Don't worry if it doesn't come out perfect the first few times, you will get the hang of it. Befor long you will be rocking your new style with confidence and style.


For Once All About Me said...

thanks for the info. what type of pomade do you use?

Da_hood_ Model said...

i use one by bedhead or by pink's short looks from the local bss