Monday, September 29, 2008

What is diva on a dime?

Hello all! This is my first post on my blog diva on a dime. I've decide d to jump on the blogging band wagon & talk about one of my passions:Beauty!!!! By beauty I mean the outside such as fashion, make-up, & hair as well as inner beauty such as self esteem and health. I will also be throwing a little be of books/magazines, current events, and celeb gossip. I'm a young black female, so most of my blogs and reviews will be geared to my peers but i will try to have some think for everyone. The main purpose for diva on a dime is to show you how to be fabulous with out breaking the bank. I lot of of us are mothers, in school, saving for that dream house, or just need t o curve our spending; however when still want to keep up with the Jones which can often leave us in debt. This blog is for every one with champagne taste and a beer budget!!!! so enjoy and feel free to comment!!!!

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Diamond~Star said...

Looking forward to reading your blogs.